2013 Bridal Hair Combs

Bridal Hair Combs for 2013

New 2013 bridal combs for brides – spoil yourself with our new range of hair combs made with high quality rhodium plating and Swarovski crystals.

Following the opulent designs of pieces from our Italian Luxe Collection, the new combs are versatile and easy to wear. Carmela – a comb version of our popular Carmela headband – is an intricate, floral piece ideal for a vintage-theme wedding. Roberta is a trailing comb design which can be used to adorn a vairety of different hairstyle – whether you choose an updo or loose waves. Daphne is a stunning bridal hair accessory with a bold, leaf pattern which will complement any style of bridal gown.

Choose from these beautiful bridal combs to complete your look!

November 3, 2012 in Bridal Hair Accessories, Bridal Jewellery
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