Crystal Brooch Bouquets

Vintage Glamour Crystal Brooch Bouquet

Brides-to-be who want to get creative and add a unique finishing touch to their bridal outfit are opting for crystal brooch bouquets as an alternative to flowers. Vintage-style jewellery bouquets can even incorporate your favourite pieces of heirloom accessories to create a work of art which will not only impress your guests on the wedding day but also become a treasured momento for years to come.

Crystal Bridal Accessories has collaborated with talented accessory designer Debbie Carlisle to create two exclusive crystal bouquets inspired by jewellery from our Signature and Italian Luxe Collections. The Ava Teardrop piece is a cute brooch bouquet with a sparkly mix of beads, fabric flowers, jewellery pieces and teardrop crystals with a centrepiece feature of our own design Ava brooch. The Vintage Glamour Bouquet is as glamorous as the name suggest – a large, bold arrangement of swarovski crystal brooches from our Italian Luxe collection! Both of these amazing creations are lovingly handcrafted and skillfully bound with an Ivory ribbon stem and faux silver leaves underneath to add a designer touch.

Whether you’re a bride looking to divulge your creative side or want to make sure your bridal accessories are the centre of everyone’s attention… our crystal bouquets are designed to create a stir!

Vintage Glamour Bouquet

Ava Teardrop Crystal Bouquet

Ava Teardrop Crystal Bouquet Model

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