Something Blue Bridal Accessories

Harriet Wilde Marina with blue crystal

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue….but who says your ‘Something Blue’ has to be traditional – it can be anything but! Brides-to-be will choose anything from a tiny lucky charm which just so happens to be blue to a statement blue headdress or bold, blue shoes.

Here at Crystal Bridal Accessories…we urge brides-to-be to get creative with your something blue! Here are a couple of elegant ideas on how to incorporate this English bridal tradition into your wedding day. You could get creative and ask for some blue crystals to be added to your wedding jewellery – with our bespoke option, a bride recently has some light sapphire blue stones added to her bridal earrings. You could choose a blue anklet and perhaps even co-ordinate it with blue toe-nail polish.

Brides can even incorporate the something blue tradition into their whole wedding theme. Opt for blue corsages for you and your bridesmaids ┬ápinned in their hair or on their dresses for maximum effect. Or, of course, you could choose a pair of blue wedding shoes…having a pair of blue dyed silk shoes would be quick and easy with our dyeing service or for a touch of luxury, a pair of wedding shoes with blue crystal heels to sparkle from under your wedding dress!

Whatever you choose as your something blue, you can be sure it will be remembered by your wedding guests as the finishing touches really do matter for your wedding day!

July 16, 2012 in Harriet Wilde, Wedding Shoes
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