Tips for choosing Wedding Earrings

Tips for choosing your wedding earrings

Tips for choosing your wedding earrings

Choosing your bridal jewellery can be daunting…especially if you don’t usually wear many accessories. Brides who are shopping for their earrings, necklace or headpiece should always remember that although their wedding day is a chance for them to create an elegant, glamorous look…you still need to feel comfortable with what your outfit and it should still reflect your personal style as much as possible. Earrings are the most popular bridal accessory once a headpiece or tiara has been chosen so there are some really important things to consider when finalising the pair of drops you will wear:

1. Think about whether the earrings are a similar drop to the styles you usually wear for every day or special occasions…if you are used to wearing big earrings then a pair of pearl chandelier drops will be perfect but if you only usually wear studs or no earrings at all then studs or a very small droplet style will be the best choice.

2. Consider how the style of earrings frame your face. Are the earrings wider at the top and narrower at the bottom or vice versa…drops and chandelier earrings will flatteringly elongate your face and create a slimmer silhouette in your photographs. If you want the majority of attention on a statement tiara or headpiece then opt for studs only.

3. Are you wearing a necklace? If you have chosen to adorn your neckline with a pendant then your earrings should be of similar size to your pendant to create a balanced look. If you want to make a statement in a big necklace then your earrings need to match the necklace as much as possible – to keep the focus on the necklace choose studs only but if you want to create a full-on glamorous look then you can choose larger drops which match your necklace as part of a set.

4. Are you wearing a bracelet or cuff? If you have decided to wear a bracelet then your earrings should match or at least reflect the style and design of your hand jewellery. A statement pair of large chandelier earrings are best balanced with an equally bold cuff bracelet or cuff bangle. A delicate, pearl chain bracelet will look best with a pair of medium drop pearl earrings or a simple pair of studs.

5. Comfort, comfort, comfort! For hygiene reasons, you can’t try on earrings before you buy them…but you can hold them up to your ears, judge how much they weigh or if you are buying online check the weight of the earrings before you place your order. Compare this information to the styles of earrings you wear on a daily basis or for parties to check if you will comfortably manage to keep the earrings in your ears all day.

Wedding earrings  are an essential piece of bridal jewellery for many brides in every country, every culture and to create a variety of different bridal looks. Browse online and in shops to ensure you find your perfect pair!


July 18, 2013 in Bridal Jewellery