Veil Hair Combs for Brides

Maisie Leaf Pearl Wedding Comb

Maisie Leaf Pearl Wedding Comb

‘So much choice…so little time’ is usually the issue brides face when they come to choosing a headpiece for their special day. However, there are certain types of bridal hair accessories that are that little bit more difficult to find – and we have discovered that veil combs are one of these elusive pieces!

There is an abundance of choice online for wedding combs including asymmetric, symmetrical designs, pearls or a mix of pearl and crystal and the latest fabric and lace styles. The veil comb needs to be a specific shape, size and style to fit its purpose – the comeback of the traditional wedding veil means brides are searching more for this type of accessory. The veil comb should be symmetrical in design as it will be placed at the front of the head with the veil flowing from it or at the back of a bun or chignon with the veil falling down from it. The comb needs to be symmetrical in shape as it is nearly always placed centrally in the hairstyle which the bride has chosen. A veil comb also needs to be at least 8-10 centimetres in width to be able to incorporate a veil at the point where all the veil fabric gathers and is secured into the hair.

The perfect veil comb will usually have a classic motif or design incorporating crystals, beads or pearls. Some of the more recent accessories offer brides a hint of vintage styling created by intricate pave set leaf and floral shapes which add depth and interest to the headpiece. Here at Crystal Bridal Accessories, our two most popular veil combs include the Maisie Veil Comb (pictured above) designed to slide into the back of your hair behind your veil and Marietta Veil Comb (pictured below) which is curved in shape similar to a tiara and designed to be worn specifically at the front of the head with the veil flowing down from it onto your chosen hairstyle. Both styles of veil comb are completely versatile and can be worn with a variety of different hairstyles including loose hair, an updo or even a half up and down style. The key element when choosing the perfect veil comb to suit your dress is to complement any embellishment already in your gown – so, for example, if you have a vintage style dress with lace or pearls then a pearl comb will be the best choice. If you have chosen a more traditional or contemporary gown or a gown with specific crystal stones, then an utterly sparkly, crystal veil comb is a better choice to complete your look.

A veil comb is an ideal accessory to add detail to your look on your wedding day. Your wedding veil will be provided with a comb but occasionally this is simply a plastic attachment and will not offer any embellishment to enhance your dress. The addition of a veil comb to your ensémble will add subtle shimmer and detailed interest from every angle.

Marietta Bridal Veil Comb

Marietta Bridal Veil Comb

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